I honor the place in you that is the same in me

Your Journey

Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most - Buddha

I started my spiritual journey when I moved to Charleston four years ago.  I was drawn to the incredible beauty of the natural surroundings of sandy-marsh dotted islands, soft grey driftwood, and white-flagged sailboats.  The Lowcountry landscape helped me understand the meaning of one very important word - Surrender.  Charleston provided me the warm weather and access to animals and nature that I had been missing since I was a young child.  Living in a hectic city such as Washington, DC for 17 years had done a number on my system both mentally and emotionally.   I knew I needed to reset myself and on my journey, I went.  

I became inspired to seek calm every morning with a cup of coffee in the meditation of ancient oak trees covered in Spanish moss and the silver foamed beach of Folly. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of a million dragonflies humming in the trees above you before the sun is fully in the sky.  As a practitioner of meditation for many years, I became an avid researcher in all things spiritual and holistic to help me settle into a new and more grounded Me.  What I discovered along the way is a belief in all things metaphysical, spiritual and the universal consciousness of All That Is. I also have a deeply held conviction that we can heal ourselves by investing in the discovery who we truly are through belief in the mystical realm, mindfulness and practicing visualization meditation. 

I am still walking and dancing on the journey to find myself.  And, along the way, I decided to change my career to help others find the same peace that the Universe sent me. With the love and encouragement of an amazing husband, I decided to open Esoteric Life Therapies to support others who are seeking a way to calm their minds through guided meditation and to converse with their spiritual Guides and guardian Angels through the imagery of tarot.  By using the healing vibrations of medicinal music, crafting guided and custom meditation journeys and helping others by reading the tarot, I now have a feeling of fullness in my heart and a sense of true identity and direction in my life that had been missing for so long.  

Let's connect and discuss where you are in life emotionally and most importantly - where do you want to be?   

Chloe M. Vivas, Spiritualist and Founder

Chloe M. Vivas, Spiritualist and Founder