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Visualization Meditation

Designed For Private or Intimate Group Sessions

Enjoy meditation with vibrational frequencies and the use of medicinal sounds to relax and center the mind. Guided meditation sessions are provided to individuals, couples and to small groups of up to four people.  My studio is small but full of conscious energy and life.  I use medicinal sounds such as the ocean, falling rain, humming birds and many other soothing vibrations alongside crystal singing bowls to transport the mind and open closed chakra centers.

Meditation combined with visualization practice and medicinal sounds can help with dream interpretation, emotional healing, and goal development and attainment.  I also design custom meditation sessions, or a series of sessions, for individuals with a targeted therapy to address specific needs such as anxiety, fear, health and relationship issues.  In-tandem meditation can enhance intimacy and establish awareness of your significant other. A wonderful pairing to marriage counseling before and after the wedding.  

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