Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see - Carl Jung

Tarot Readings & Spiritual Guidance

The ancient art of tarot reading can help you understand what the Universe is trying to convey through signs and messaging.  I provide a unique and interactive reading that will be unlike any other.  I want you to leave feeling heard, understood and more clear within your mind.  I can help you learn the signs that are presented to you and we can determine rituals best suited for your individual lifestyle and present need. 

A glimpse into my Tarot library


tarot reading charleston south carolina

Illustrated by David Palladini. This deck combines Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles to bring medieval Tarot symbolism into readings. I feel mostly Male energy when using this deck. Recommended for inquiries on events that have past and questions regarding specific individuals.

Dreaming Way


Authored by Rome Choi, and illustrated by Kwon Shina.  This deck is whimsical and perfect for spiritual questions and inquiries about the future path.  This deck uses the mysticism of Kabbalah and numerology, so it is also useful for questions regarding money and business. 

Wild Unknown

Illustrated and authored by Kim Krans.

A modern and popular deck authored and illustrated by Kim Krans. This deck is void of human characters and is best used to focus on 'self' inquiries and not about the external environment. Beautifully drawn to active chakras and to delve into self discovery.

Tarot Mucha


 Drawn in the artistic style of Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939), an Art Nouveau painter and illustrator. The deck is feminine and subtle and perfect for questions on relationships, family matters and spiritual guidance. 

Ethereal Visions


Illuminated by artist Matt Hughes.  An interesting 80 card deck, instead of the standard 78.  Beautifully drawn and mystical. Based on the RWS card symbolism and a deck useful for all readings. 

Tarot Of The Old Path


A traditional deck authored by Sylvia Gainsford. Strong masculine energy within this deck.  Excellent for overall inquiries, discovery about self and relationships with others, finances and health.